Welcome to the WMAAH family!Demo Team Pick!

Where we are committed to the growth and development of each student!

Students are aceepted from four (4) years of age and up, provided they are able to follow instructions and remain focused during class.

To enroll:
1. View our class schedule.

2. Select the 2-week trial (with uniform for a limited time).

3. Complete the waiver and bring to your first class.

4. Use the form below to be contacted to discuss any enrollment questions not answered in our FAQs.

7 thoughts on “Classes

  1. What is the monthly fee (I understand you have to sign a contract)
    do I have to spar?? If so, at what belt level????
    Will I be taught separtly from the rest of the class, or do I have to do what the rest of the class is doing???
    Do I have to compete in tournaments???

  2. Hi I was wondering if classes for adults are offered. I’m 29 and would like to take Taekwondo classes but wasn’t sure if you guys offered it for adults. Thank you

  3. Thank you for your interest, Mary. We are focused on leading students to the mastery of Tae Kwon Do. However, the disciplines learned would apply to any martial arts so you may want to consider a trial class to see if you would enjoy it.

  4. Hello,
    I was wondering if your academy offered TaiChi classes. I saw that the St Charles academy did but I live in Florissant.

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