Q: I (or my child) am interested in training at your academy.  How do I get started?  
A: We are so glad you are making an investment in yourself!  To begin you will need to call the office and schedule an introductory appointment (314.921.9000).  The first class is always free. Our policy is that you try a class to see how you like our academy and instruction before making any commitment. During your first visit, you will receive copies of our schedule and tour of the academy, sign a safety waiver, learn some of the benefits of Taekwondo and our involvement in the community. You will then be introduced to the Master and take your first class.

Q: What should I expect for the first class?  
A: You should arrive for class wearing comfortable athletic clothing (no jeans, no skirts, no socks, no shoes).  You will experience a short, musical meditation focus exercise (2 minutes) followed byflexibility and stretching exercises, cardio exercises, and then guided Taekwondo instruction.  At the end of the first clas,s there is a fun surprise for you!

We teach forms, breaking and falling techniques, self-defense, sparring, kicking combinations, blocking techniques, striking and punching techniques, weapons, Olympic style sparring, and grappling. All are taught with respect and self-control and a non-aggressive, defense mentality in mind. During class, the tenets of Taekwondo are also discussed:  courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, respect, tolerance, humility and love. Participate at your own speed and know that it is okay to take a breather when you need to. We train at your ability level and know that you will progress over time.

Q: I took my first class and I really liked it.  Now what?
A: If you felt good about your class and want to continue, please see the office staff to set up a trial period.  Once the trial period expires (maximum of 30 days), you will need to decide if you want to continue with the Academy. We are a Black Belt Training Academy – which means that if you elect to sign up as a student here, your TKD work is progressive and goal-driven. You will sign a tuition agreement as we do not offer monthly training that does not advance in belt levels.  Be assured that tuition is affordable!  Payment options include monthly auto-pay. Contact the office to determine the payment schedule that works best for your family.

Q: How often can I (or my child) train?
A: As much as you like provided the classes appropriate for your age and belt.  If you have no prior TKD experience, you will begin as a white belt. A copy of our class schedule can be viewed here and copies are in the office.  There are classes available every day except Sunday.  The more you train, the better you become.  We do not cap the number of classes you can take or limit you to certain times of the week.

Q: I have a young child.  What age do you start training students?
A: Generally, we begin training around 4 years old. We have students ranging from 3 years old through their 60s. On occasion, though it is rare, a three year old will be able to follow directions and focus sufficiently to benefit from training without detracting attention from other students. We recommend taking the trial class to evaluate your child’s readiness to participate in Taekwondo training at our Academy.  If s/he is not quite ready yet, we can try again in a few months.

Q: How long does it take to get a black belt?
A: That depends on how much you practice, train, and what prior experience you have.  If you are a beginner, the average for a student who trains at least two times a week is three years.  If you train more, you may progress to black belt in less time.  If it is particularly challenging or you are juggling other activities, it may take longer.  It is okay to go at your speed.  Each student matters and will receive the instruction and time that they need.

Q: I’m an out of shape adult. I’m worried I won’t be able to handle classes.  Can I really do this?
A:  Nobody will push you to do what you can’t do.  When you begin, if you are not be able to keep pace with the class or a particular exercise, that’s okay.  You know what your limits are and we will respect them and continue to encourage you.  Everyone improves in some way as long as they do their best. We always make allowances for physical limitations, past injury, asthma, etc.